Creation of a new identity and brand application style for Armourdillo Toughened Glass – a chemically strengthened glass product created and manufactured by Phoenix Optical Technologies Ltd. (POTL). In order to demonstrate the true strength of the Armourdillo product we commissioned ultra slow motion filming of a 500g steel ball falling onto both the Armourdillo and current competitors strengthened glass samples. Filming the impacts at 25,000 frames per second created some amazing sequences. Using this footage we created this Armourdillo promotional movie.

Brand development and implementation strategy
Being a product primarily aimed at the defence market, POTL wanted us to create a strong visual identity and visual style that would appeal to this market. This new identity has been applied to a wide range of brand carriers including stationery items, brochure, product data sheet, folder, advertising, exhibition, bespoke drop ball demonstration unit and corporate movie.